Title: The Prison Planet Handbook
Author: Denis Goodwin
Publisher: Xlibirs ISBN: 978-1543495164
Genre: Non-Fiction
Pages: 98
Reviewed by: Arthur Thares

Pacific Book Review

A book like this is always intriguing because you never know what you are going to get. Get ready to question everything you ever thought you knew and learned about. Whether you believe in what this book has to say or not, it will be one of the more interesting books that you have ever read. To truly understand what I mean, you must first know more about The Prison Planet Handbook and its story.


Some of the information in this book is hard to comprehend. It dissects the universe as we now know it and flips it on its head. From extraterrestrial beings, to space travel, this book covers a lot of ideas that some may believe to be farfetched. The book also challenges the concepts of religion and the space that Christians believe to be heaven. If that seems like a lot already, this book delves even deeper. The Prison Planet Handbook is full of what many people consider to be conspiracy theories, but it is written in a way that will make you question your own beliefs. There is a lot of information up for interpretation in within these pages but it’s definitely an interesting read. It dives into popular theories like the Illuminati but also covers more fringe ideas like secret reptile people among us.


The author speaks in such an authoritative voice that it is hard not to believe what he writes. It is clear that he is not a schooled writer, but rather a person who wants to share their experience and knowledge. Though the readability is sometimes questionable, the structure is there and the book is easy enough to follow.


I’m not going to lie; I really struggled with what genre this book is in. There are so many out there ideas covered in these pages that I thought it was surely fiction, but then some of it makes sense as well. I think this book was written from a genuine perspective and it is up to the reader whether they choose to believe if it is fact or fiction.


If The Prison Planet Handbook is real I feel like we are being cheated out of so much of life around us. It has opened up my eyes to the possibility that everything is not what it seems. Though I am not ready to believe everything I read, I am interested in learning more. If you are looking to expand your ideas and challenge your beliefs I would recommend this book to start.

The Prison Planet Handbook

The Prison Planet Handbook