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Have been dairy farming since leaving school – starting on wages and am in the 51st season now. Have also been into earthmoving, mainly at home. Digging reveals different levels – geological clock for how things appear today? Also have had an interest in mechanical engineering and made a few steel creations for the farm. The most notable a 10 ton rock trailer, (unavailable at the time), that is still going after 30 years. The floor is a bit thin and sick now. Will have to stop writing and get it sorted. The steel supplier provided a dimensions and properties handbook for getting the steel selection for the different places, (for the likely loads), right.

Have an issue with the saying, “Ours is not to reason why.” Feel life is about learning and understanding how things work is important. This is evident all the time with tradesmen. People who understand things are not scared of them.

Had a vertical landing and take-off event in the neighbourhood when I was kid. The story that went around the kids at the time was it was little green men with red tail lights. Not so sure about the red taillights now. A guy living 2 farms from the landing site got close but ended up legging it in the dark. The back porch and living room in the house he was living both faced that direction. A guy who employed him referred to him as an intense introvert. Was into wrestling, would have been around or under 30 and didn’t drink.

Two kids playing outside, 3 farms from the landing site also saw it come down. Their father was part of a search party that went back to the site later that night, but by then it had gone. The people involved were as honest as the day is long.

How the Book Came About. Met up with a couple of nurses in a tramping club who were into natural health – taking care of themselves. The Early Child Care Nurse had been researching topics frowned upon by churches since her late teens. We could agree on all the bits but couldn’t agree on how they fitted together, so started writing down how I saw things to see if they made sense to her. (Most people seem to have their own explanations for how things came to be – probably based somewhere amongst the false leads that have been gifted our way, so mentioning the version they were intended to keep us away from, a discussion will go nowhere). The book kept growing as more information became available. Hope it may contribute to a move away from being told what to think for a lifetime, (sitting in church), to listening to experiencers or insiders with crucial information to better understand our place in the universe and what may lie ahead.


With Anne Brough left and Carol Stewart. Start of 4 Mountains in a Day Tramping Club challenge. North Island, New Zealand. Photo and van driving Mike Hutson. He also joined us to climb last 2 Mountains. Long tramps well suited to in depth discussions.

The Prison Planet Handbook

The Prison Planet Handbook